About us

ILI is an independent think tank that works to pass legislation without corrupt, discriminatory rules and its further effective implementation.

To build a country of equal opportunities, democracy, and the rule of law.

How did it all begin?


A Council of Public Expertise was established under the Committee on Prevention and Counteraction to Corruption of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 8th convocation. Out of 100 candidates, 10 best lawyers and highly specialized analysts were selected. Each of them passed an open competitive selection. Among the winners of the competition were Tetyana Khutor, Martyna Boguslavets, Anastasia Krivonos, Olena Basmat, Andriy Koval, who later became the founders of ILI.


The team, having two years of experience in conducting anti-corruption expertise of all draft laws registered in the Parliament without exception, decided to continue its activities as an independent think tank.

A non-governmental organization was registered on October 15, 2017

– Institute of Legislative Ideas.

Our activity

The team has been conducting anti-corruption expertise of draft laws for more than 5 years before 1 reading. This helps to prevent the possibility of incorporating corruption schemes into the law. Each draft law registered in parliament is subject to scrutiny for corruption before the first reading. This is more than 7,000 draft laws in one convocation.

2018 - 2019
  • A pilot project on analyzing draft laws before the 2nd readings was launched.
  • The team has launched a new line of work at the regional level to help develop a methodology for identifying risks in decision-making made by the local self-governments. As a result, a memorandum of cooperation with the Kyiv City Council was signed. Cooperation with the heads of the Lviv Regulatory Center and representatives of the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Sector of the Lviv City Council commenced examining the regulations of the councils.

During the presidential campaign 2019, the programs of candidates for the post of President of Ukraine in 2014 and their legislative activity over the next 5 years were analyzed. Thus, it was possible to show voters the “new-old” promises of 4 of the most rated politicians, specifically, Yulia Tymoshenko, Petro Poroshenko, Yurii Boyko, and Oleh Lyashko.

Also, a rating of authors (MPs, fractions) was formed to inform voters who submit the biggest number of draft laws containing corruption-causing factors.


Each year, ILI experts conduct several analytical pieces of research:

  • Sectoral systematization of corruption risks in the draft laws of 2018-2019.
  • Anti-corruption expertise of draft laws: effectiveness of implementation in practice.
  • Discretionary powers as a corruption-causing factor: through the prism of domestic and international experience.
  • Analysis of corruption-causing factors in the foreign practice of anti-corruption expertise: ways to improve the legislation of Ukraine.
  • Public procurement: how to improve.
  • Does transparency correlate with efficiency: we analyze the work of parliamentary committees.

In 2020, the team broadened the organizational structure by launching two new departments, in particular, analytical and communication.


ILI is a team of experts who not only carry out impeccable anti-corruption expertise but also have a deep level of knowledge in their respective fields. Each team member can use this knowledge to make effective decisions to improve legislation that will benefit society as a whole.


The ILI team is professionals who have been operating for more than 5 years, adhering to common values


From any political and business structures


Each team member


All analytical products


To dialogue and cooperation


In front of partners and society


Work with optimal resources and maximum results


The ILI team operates transparently and openly. Every citizen of Ukraine can learn about our work and funding the organization from our annual report.

By making a contribution, you can join in building a country of equal opportunities, a country where there is no corruption and the laws work for society. Your money transfer will help to improve the legislation, namely the elimination of corruption-causing factors in the draft laws that lead to corruption in real life.