The full title of the research:

AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF on the constitutional petition of 47 members of the Parliament of Ukraine on the compliance of certain provisions of the Corruption Prevention Law of Ukraine, the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the Criminal and Civil Procedural Code of Ukraine, and other relevant laws of Ukraine which affect citizens’ rights and freedoms, with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) (Sections II and III of the petition).

Research description:

This amicus curiae brief is provided by Part 3 of Art. 69 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine”. It is made in the form of counter-arguments to the authors’ positions of the constitutional petition set out in sections II and III. The points of the conclusion are numbered according to the numbering in the constitutional petition. Part of the conclusion is based on separate studies carried out by Ukrainian as well as foreign scholars with relevant references provided. The conclusion contains an unofficial translation of foreign studies. The authors of the conclusion make all highlights and underlines of the text.


Tatiana Khutor, Yuriy Schwab.