Activity of Parliamentary Committees in 2020: Effectiveness and Interaction with Stakeholders


The monitoring report presents the results of independent public monitoring of the effectiveness of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine committees and the state of their interaction with stakeholders during 2020. The study reflects the assessment of the effectiveness of each committee of the Verkhovna Rada on 27 indicators of draft laws, control, and organizational functions, based on which 14 ratings of Verkhovna Rada committees were formed.

According to the average performance indicators in 2020, a model committee of the Ukrainian parliament is elaborated. The analysis of about three thousand documents is the basis for providing specific recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the Verkhovna Rada committees. A separate appendix provides performance indicators for each of the 23 Verkhovna Rada committees in 2020. The study of the completeness and depth of the interaction of the Verkhovna Rada committees with stakeholders is based on separate data on the activities of committees and 576 responses and 51 depth interviews obtained during a poll of representatives of stakeholders and VRU committees.

Based on the data obtained, specific recommendations are provided to help improve the interaction between the representatives of VRU committees and their stakeholders. A separate appendix reflects the completeness indicators and the depth of interaction of each of the 23 VRU committees with their stakeholders.



Tatiana Khutor, Andrey Klymosyuk.