Anti-corruption expertise of draft decisions of local self-government bodies

About the project:

The Institute of Legislative Ideas team has been conducting anti-corruption expertise of draft laws registered in the Verkhovna Rada for five years. Having a positive, practical experience of finding and eliminating corruption risks in draft laws, ILI decided to transfer the project to the local level. Anti-corruption expertise is precisely the preventive tool that helps prevent the adoption of laws, the implementation of which may jeopardize the interests of society.
Our goal is to provide local governments and their legal and anti-corruption departments with qualified anti-corruption expert opinions on draft decisions and recommendations on how to eliminate corruption-causing factors if they are contained in the text of a draft decision.

The project has been running since 2020

The ILI team was the first in Ukraine to systematically analyze draft decisions made by local self-government bodies. Currently, the team is analyzing draft decisions of such city councils as Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Mykolayiv. There is constant communication with other cities about involvement in the project.
Memorandums of cooperation can be found:

Kyiv: 20 draft decisions were analyzed, 38% of the conclusions were taken into account.
Zhytomyr: 120 draft decisions were analyzed, 81% of conclusions were taken into account.
Khmelnytsky: 10 draft decisions were analyzed, 100% of conclusions were taken into account.
Lviv: 64 draft decisions were analyzed, 63% of conclusions were taken into account.
Ternopil: 66 draft decisions were analyzed, 73% of the conclusions were taken into account.
Mykolaiv: 38 draft decisions were analyzed, 71% of the conclusions were taken into account.