Compensation for damage caused by Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine

The Institute of Legislative Ideas analyzes the practices of international and Ukrainian legislation and models of confiscation of sovereign and private assets of Russians, their advantages, and their disadvantages. We monitor the management and implementation of confiscated assets. The Institute for Legislative Ideas advocates for confiscation best practices among other countries. We develop recommendations for the state authorities of Ukraine and institutions of foreign countries.


Rebuilding without corruption

ILI works to ensure a public and transparent rebuilding of Ukraine at the national and regional levels – we are working on building a smart reconstruction architecture, implementing the principle of “everyone sees everything” in the financing of reconstruction objects.

ILI analyzes all initiatives, draft laws, mechanisms for reconstruction and prepares recommendations for authorities and international partners, so that recovery funds are used effectively, accountable and without corruption.


Anti-corruption expertise of draft decisions of local self-government bodies

We help find corruption risks in draft decisions of local self-government bodies and check them for compliance with anti-corruption legislation.


Anti-corruption examination of VRU draft laws

The foundations for corruption are laid in the legislation because poor quality legislation creates conditions for its spread and prosperity. Anti-corruption expertise is precisely the preventive tool that helps prevent the adoption of laws, the implementation of which may jeopardize the interests of society.


Monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption

We fight corruption within the country and join the implementation of global anti-corruption initiatives along with partners from other countries.


Anti-corruption expertise course

Corruption-causing gaps in the law are not always the norms that the oligarchs paid the deputies for. These are often shortcomings of the acting law the price for which will be paid later. After all, corruption-causing norms will often allow officials to abuse their powers within the law and not bear any responsibility for it.

It is not enough for the public to have the right to influence. It is necessary to have the tools to make the influence effective. Anti-corruption expertise is just such a tool.
Participants of this course will learn to conduct anti-corruption expertise of legislation at various levels and practical mechanisms for its consideration.