About the project:

The World Bank, the European Commission and the Government of Ukraine estimate that the current cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine amounts to $350 billion. This figure is expected to grow as the war continues.

One of the important priorities is ensuring trust in Ukraine on the part of international partners.
This applies both to the post-war recovery and to the rebuilding of critical infrastructure and energy facilities during the war.

ILI works to ensure a public and transparent rebuilding of Ukraine at the national and regional levels - we are working on building a smart reconstruction architecture, implementing the principle of "everyone sees everything" in the financing of reconstruction objects.

ILI analyzes all initiatives, draft laws, mechanisms for reconstruction and prepares recommendations for authorities and international partners, so that recovery funds are used effectively, accountable and without corruption.

from May 2022

We developed recommendations (5 analytical documents) for the state authorities of Ukraine and institutions of foreign countries.

ILI joined the Rise Ukraine coalition. We are working with more than 30 civil society organizations on smart recovery architecture and transparent digital recovery tools.