About the project:

Corruption-causing gaps in the law are not always the norms that the oligarchs paid the deputies for. These are often shortcomings of the acting law the price for which will be paid later. After all, corruption-causing norms will often allow officials to abuse their powers within the law and not bear any responsibility for it.

It is not enough for the public to have the right to influence. It is necessary to have the tools to make the influence effective. Anti-corruption expertise is just such a tool.
Participants of this course will learn to conduct anti-corruption expertise of legislation at various levels and practical mechanisms for its consideration.
Course teacher:
Tetiana Khutor, head of the Institute of Legislative Ideas, a think tank that is a recognized and undisputed leader in Ukraine in conducting anti-corruption expertise.

Course duration and format:
- 6 classes of 1.5 hours on Fridays (18:30 - 19:50) and Saturdays (10:00 - 11:30).
The course will last from 11/26/2021 to 12/18/2021.
- Mixed learning format: Zoom application with the ability to record and analyze the cases.
- Provided that 80% of the classes attended and the final task completed, the student receives a certificate from ILI and ACREC.

Course cost:
The total price is 4,000 hryvnias.
Early bird - 3700 hryvnias until November 20 inclusive. (To pay, please register at https://cutt.ly/PTxgEZm).
The special price for graduates of ACREC educational programs is UAH 3,500.
It is also possible to pay for the course in installments.

Scholarships covering 50% of the course are available for the most motivated students. To take part in the competition, you need to subscribe to the Telegram channel and Facebook of ILI, send your motivation letter and CV to acrec.kma@gmail.com by November 24 inclusive.

For all organizational issues and cashless payments, please contact Artem Khalimovsky, the course coordinator: artem.khalimovskiy@gmail.com, 0966249485 (all possible messengers can be used).
For personal communication, please fill out the form: https://cutt.ly/PTxgEZm.
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The course will last from 11/26/2021 to 12/18/2021.

The course is required for:
- Legislators - members of the office of people's or local deputies, employees of the ministry or local council, as well as anti-corruption commissioners.
Anti-corruption expertise skills will help you develop a quality draft law that can solve social problems, rather than creating corruption loopholes for unscrupulous officials responsible for its implementation.
- Civil society - members of civil society organizations, relevant associations, public councils at governmental bodies, and local governments.
Personally or your anti-corruption expertise will be one of the main tools for quality control of legislation, detection, and prevention of corruption holes that hinder community and business development.
- Business - compliance officers, representatives of business associations, and international organizations that take care of business infrastructure in Ukraine.
The knowledge gained in the course will allow you to prevent abuse of power in the field of your professional activities.
After the course, you will learn:
- how to identify corruption holes in draft laws of various levels, which cannot be visible at first glance;
- 5 most effective ways to eliminate the identified corruption risks;
- how to write a draft legislative act WITHOUT corruption risks;
- legal and other ways to take into account the results of your examination by governmental officials;
- persuade others to take into account the results of anti-corruption expertise.